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Convenience Store




7-Eleven is a global chain operating over 70,000 stores in 18 countries around the world. It was the first convenience store to open in Korea in 1989. Along with food and daily necessities, 7-Eleven offers specialized services, including utility bill payment, transportation cards, courier delivery, and more.


Digitalizing physical stores is a significant strategy in gaining a competitive advantage over online shopping malls. It has become essential to boost sales by controlling promotions quickly with immediate price changes to drive customers’ purchase decisions.


To increase efficiency in operations and management both in 7-Eleven Signature (unmanned stores) and general stores, digitalization through advanced technology was essential. The digitalization of convenience stores eliminated the need for customers to stand in line and to go through face-to-face checkout with a cashier. However, updating price tags with paper labels remained manual through its digital transformation. The RAINUS electronic shelf label was reviewed as a proper solution for digitizing the price label.


Automated price management has helped reduce the effort in replacing paper labels, enabling store associates to focus more effectively on customer service. For unmanned stores, remote price management suited the store concept, resulting in enhanced efficiency in store operations.

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