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Frequently asked questions
Do you have a partner onboarding program?2022-07-25T16:11:57+09:00

Yes. Once we mutually agree to proceed with your partnership onboarding after NDA signing and complete business evaluations, various tech-oriented sessions with supporting materials would follow.

How can we try your products?2021-11-09T12:44:13+09:00

“InforTab Ready” is a demo kit which consists of 9 popular sized tags, All-in-one server which has both Gateway and Server functions, softwares and program to access and operate tags, and cables in convenient carrying case. You can grab a kit after talking to our sales representatives. Visit the Contact Us page to contact the sales representative for your region.

How can I get in touch with your representative?2021-11-09T12:40:28+09:00

Visit our Contact Us page to find our email address and phone number, or directly fill the simple form with а valid company email address and our representative will get back to you within 3 business days.

Can we install the system on our own server?2021-11-09T12:39:59+09:00

RAINUS system can be installed through our cloud solution, but can also be installed on your own server, local for each store or central in your head office.

By who are PARTRON ESL products installations performed?2024-05-17T16:22:11+09:00

In most cases, PARTRON ESL certified partners will install PARTRON ESL products. We can also work with you directly or with the partner of your choice.

How long does it take to finalise the installation in my store?2021-11-09T12:39:13+09:00

Since every store is different and the customer may want installation to be completed outside of business hours, installation time is quoted on a case-by-case basis. On average, between 20,000 to 40,000 tags would require 4 days for accessories, rails, tags, and software to be installed.

What are some of the examples that takes place in installation process?2021-11-09T12:38:47+09:00

Ideally, Gateways and network-related preparations must be completed before the tags installations. During tags installation, ESL tags are attached on rails and/or accessories. ESL and displayed store items need to be initially mapped to start the service and allow on-the-air updates.

How many and where should I install Gateways in my store?2021-11-09T12:35:16+09:00

The recommended number of Gateways varies, depending on the required volume of RAINUS’s devices, the actual floor size of the store as well as the store layout and structure. Please provide your floor plan and other helpful information so our technical representative can help you guide the installations.

How long does it take to locate a product?2021-11-09T12:34:52+09:00

The entire process from bar code scanning to product location takes approximately 3 to 5 seconds.

Is it necessary to scan products in order to locate them?2022-07-20T17:25:23+09:00

You can also find the products that you need among a list of products. Select the product on the InforTab Finder, and the corresponding tag’s LED will light up to indicate its location.

How do I know where a product is located after scanning it?2021-11-09T12:33:39+09:00

After scanning a product via the bar code reader, the InforTab Finder sends the data to the corresponding InforTab which LED will start blinking, revealing the product’s location.

How do I set up my Finder with the InforTab system and start finding products?2021-11-09T12:33:07+09:00

The InforTab Finder runs on Android or Windows 10 and uses WiFi to connect to the server. After entering the relevant product information in the Finder, shoppers use the Product Finder app (Located in InforTab Finder) to scan or select a product. Upon scanning or selecting the product, the data is sent to the relevant InforTab via the InforTab API.

What is the purpose of the InforTab Finder?2021-11-09T12:32:40+09:00

The innovative device helps customers find a product in specific sections with a huge range of similar products on shelves like stationaries or DIY. Shoppers can find the right product quickly and easily without the confusion of similar products through the guide of flashing lights on the InforTab(ESL).

Do you offer any solution for the touchscreen related to COVID-19?2021-11-09T12:32:07+09:00

Yes, upon installing, we provide an antivirus film to apply on the screen. The filter prevents viruses from spreading and guarantees a safe use.

Can I divide the screen into several displays on one device?2021-11-09T12:31:44+09:00

Yes, our Layout Design web app allows to customize the screen to have one touch sensitive part and one video part, or can be divded further depending on the needs of the customer. RAINUS provides support to customers to customize their devices if needed.

Does InforTab Plus feature a battery?2021-11-09T12:31:15+09:00

InforTab plus does not feature a battery. It needs to be plugged in on an ordinary power outlet to function.

What is InforTab Plus powered by?2021-11-09T12:30:43+09:00

InforTab Plus is powered through power outlet and a power cord. Once plugged in, the display is operational.

I ran out of content to display on my InforTab Plus. What can I do?2021-11-09T12:30:19+09:00

In case you run out of content to show on the InforTab Plus, don’t forget that on top of being a digital signage, InforTab Plus is also an ESL, meaning it can be used in the same way as per the tags: showing the customer price information, product origin information, and other fundamental information about products. Get creative!

What kind of media formats does InforTab Plus support?2021-11-09T12:23:04+09:00

InforTab Plus enables customers to upload high-definition contents through Wi-Fi, such as video clips or images. It is also possible to divide the display to show touchscreen content on one side while playing video ads on the other side.

* See the total list of supported formats:

How much is InforTab Plus?2021-11-09T12:17:17+09:00

There are many different sizes and form factors, thus the price can range anywhere from a few dollars to triple digits. For more information please contact our sales team at sales@rainusbiz.com.

What is the process to follow after the warranty expires?2021-11-09T12:16:41+09:00

After the warranty expires, we will send you another product upon purchase at the standard price.

What is the warranty on the tags?2021-11-09T12:16:14+09:00

RAINUS InforTab is covered by a one-year warranty. We do offer warranties for other products; however, these may differ by product types and service plans to which customers are subscribed. For more detailed information, please contact sales@rainusbiz.com

What is the role of Gateways?2021-12-08T08:42:04+09:00

Gateways are an important element of the RAINUS InforTab system, responsible for relaying data from the server to InforTab devices and making sure all tags are showing the right information. It also collects data regarding battery status, error notifications, and network activities.

What colors does InforTab support and how do I customize the screen?2021-11-09T12:15:09+09:00

InforTab supports full graphics in 3, 4, 8 colors. The combinations are, 3 in B/W/R (Black/White/Red) or B/W/Y (Black/White/Yellow), 4 in B/W/R/Y (Black/White/Red/Yellow) and 8 in B/W/R/Y + Green/Orange/Blue/Purple. Layout and design can be customized and displayed in up to 7 pages via our Layout Design web app.

What is the recommended or normal condition environment to operate InforTab?2024-05-17T16:24:16+09:00

“It is recommended to opearte the ESL system in a temperature of between 0 and 40°C for all standard models, between -25 and 10°C for our Freezer model (R290) and between 15 to 35°C for the 8-color model (R565). Moreoever, it is also recommended to operate the system in a well ventilated environment. Finally, it is recommende to perform no more than 3 updates per day.
Other factors that could prevent the system from functioning correcfly are as follows: avoiding abnormal RF conflicts with other products, installing and maintaining Gateways under PARTRON ESL or SI partner’s guidance”

Can I customize the InforTab tag frame?2021-11-09T12:14:00+09:00

We offer custom designs for our customers. We work together from early prototyping to production and delivery to make sure that they get exactly what they want. Contact one of our sales representative via the Contact Us page to learn in details what customizing solutions we offer. You can also visit the Customers page to check how our current customers use InforTab.

How long is the InforTab ESLs battery life?2024-05-17T16:23:26+09:00

Battery life depends on the condition and size of the tags, but InforTab generally has lifespan of 10 years with 2 updates/day for key size tags and 7 years for the others in normal operation-environment. It operates with low-power technology that consumes battery power only when it updates information communicated by the server. For more detailed information, please contact sales@partronesl.com

How much is InforTab?2024-05-17T16:22:55+09:00

There are many different sizes and form factors, thus the price can range anywhere from a few dollars to double digits. For more information please contact our sales team at sales@partronesl.com

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