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A Journey of Bennet CEO, Visit RAINUS

A Journey of Bennet CEO, Visit RAINUS







A Journey of Partnership between Bennet and RAINUS, Bennet CEO Visit RAINUS in Korea.

We are excited to share a remarkable chapter in our journey as Bennet, the renowned Italian hypermarket and shopping mall brand, takes center stage. Recently, Bennet’s esteemed CEO, Adriano De Zordi, embarked on a visit to RAINUS, where he delved into our innovative products, manufacturing processes, and infrastructure. This significant milestone further solidifies our six-year partnership and sets the stage for future collaboration and innovation.

The journey began with Adriano De Jordi arriving at our office for a visit to understand why Bennet trusted RAINUS solutions and products and needed to continue to operate and install them. As a longtime user of a competitor’s solution, Bennet was understandably cautious, and the meeting was instrumental in solidifying a mutually trusting partnership as Bennet decided to continue transitioning to RAINUS products based on their experience and careful evaluation.

It’s worth noting that Bennet was an early adopter of electronic shelf labels (ESLs) in Italy. Their forward-thinking approach led them to recognize the tremendous value that ESLs bring to the retail environment. Although they had previously implemented a competitor’s solution, Bennett’s decision to switch to RAINUS speaks volumes about the product’s superiority and satisfaction.

Key factors that impressed Bennet with RAINUS were the speed of price changes in real-time compared to competitors, the quick personalized response, and the reliable installation support and operation. This reliability has led to 53 store installations so far this year, their decision to deploy our solution in an additional six stores solidifies our position as a trusted partner in their growth journey.

Adriano De Zordi expressed his satisfaction and preference for our products after conducting thorough comparisons with those of our competitors. He highlighted the stability and speed of our technology in transmitting price information to the ESL, as well as the exceptional responsiveness of our customer service and the positive feedback received during the installation process. It is this unwavering confidence in our global potential that further fueled his belief in our shared success.

As we move forward, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates on this thriving partnership. Together with Bennet, we are revolutionizing the retail landscape, ushering in a new era of customer-centric experiences and innovative solutions.

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