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Accelerating the realization of DX in retail stores with a fully integrated management platform

Accelerating the realization of DX in retail stores with a fully integrated management platform

RAINUS’  fully integrated management platform, the InforTab Infinite solution technology, is being supplied to the first large-scale retailer in Korea, accelerating the realization of DX.

“The communication environment of retail stores is very complex. Due to signal interference from multiple frequencies, there can be close-range communication disruptions, making IoT (Internet of Things) communication performance very important.”

Kim Hyun-hak, the CEO of RAINUS, recently supplied the “InforTab Infinite” solution to a large domestic distributor and introduced industry trends and a blueprint for the solution. The feature of the “InforTab Infinite” solution, which was released by RAINUS last year, is that it can perform the functions of the existing electronic information display, “InforTab,” and digital signage, “InforTab Plus.” In addition, it has various sensor functions for inventory management, asset location management, and environmental monitoring, and is evaluated to have scalability.

A company official explained, “It is typical to use ‘digital signage’ and ‘electronic information display’ separately, so introducing a new solution consumes a lot of human and material resources.” They added, “By utilizing the ‘Infinite Platform,’ it is possible to increase work efficiency, reduce operating costs, generate advertising revenue, and increase store management efficiency with minimal infrastructure costs.”

Kim Hyun-hak, the CEO, said, “We have been carrying out a project to install the ‘InforTab Infinite’ platform at 160 locations nationwide of a large domestic distributor, A, since April of last year.” He also said, “Operating digital signage and electronic information displays at the same time using the Infinite platform is the largest and first case in Korea.”

Kim also explained that there has been an increasing demand to replace existing products from other companies with “Infinite” products, saying, “This is evidence that ‘Digital Transformation’ (DX) is rapidly taking place in the distribution market.” He added, “Simple ESL systems that only provide price information are losing competitiveness quickly, and solutions with scalability and usability are receiving attention in reverse.”

RAINUS is exploring business expansion into various industries such as smart offices, smart logistics, and smart hospitals with recent investments in R&D for technological sophistication and business expansion both domestically and internationally.

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