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Twinny-RAINUS explores use of robots in distribution markets

Twinny-RAINUS explores use of robots in distribution markets

Together, they will leverage their solutions and technologies to collaborate in the distribution business.

<Cheon Young-seok, CEO of Twinny, left, and Hyun-hak Kim, CEO of RAINUS, pose for a photo at Twinny’s headquarters with a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in the distribution business. Picture From TWINNY>

Twinny (CEO Cheon Hong-seok and Cheon Young-seok), a manufacturer of autonomous transfer robots, announced on  Aug 23, 2023 that it has signed a business agreement with RAINUS (CEO Kim Hyun-hak) to explore the use of autonomous logistics transfer robots in the retail market.

RAINUS is an Internet of Things (IoT) and information and communication technology (ICT) based electronic shelf label (ESL) specialist that provides ESL products and IoT solutions to large domestic retailers such as Shinsegae Group, Lotte Group, Nonghyup, and Hyundai Department Store, as well as to the global market.

With the agreement, the two companies promised to collaborate in the distribution business by utilizing their respective solutions and technologies. According to the companies, collaboration synergies can be enhanced by utilizing autonomous robots for inventory management of various items in supermarkets and delivery and movement of purchased goods.

“Both companies have in common that automation reduces the labor intensity of workers and enables them to work efficiently,” said Cheon Young-Seok, CEO of RAINUS. “RAINUS is a company that has entered the global distribution market, and we expect to export Twinnie’s autonomous logistics transfer robots through this cooperation.”

“The retail robotics solution between Twinny and RAINUS will be more stable and reliable due to the convergence of our proven technologies,” said Kim Hyun-hak, CEO of RAINUS. “We will be able to provide stable robotics solutions as we rapidly enter the global retail market.”

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