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Lotte DFS

Lotte DFS



Lotte DFS


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Established in February 1980, Lotte Duty-Free was the first duty-free shop to be established in Korea. Starting with its first store in Myeong-dong, Seoul, the company currently operates 8 stores in Korea, and 12 stores in 6 other countries. Lotte DFS launched the first online duty-free shop in the world, supporting 6 languages including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Lotte DFS is planning to expand its reach to become the No. 1 global duty-free company in the world.


In line with a rapidly changing shopping environment, Lotte Duty-Free opened a smart store on the 1st floor of its Myeongdong store, which digitally transformed the duty-free industry. It has provided a safe and pleasant shopping environment post-COVID-19. It was necessary to introduce a stable service that delivers detailed product information without face-to-face contact, and guides consumers in making purchase decisions.


Since the replacement of all existing product price tags with RAINUS electronic shelf labels (ESL), customers can now view product and promotion details on their mobile phones after scanning QR codes. Customers can also find more product details in their preferred language, which drives purchases by accessing O2O services through ESL. A QR code is generated on the customer’s smartphone once scanned products are added to their mobile shopping cart, allowing for a quick and easy payment process at checkout, even when purchasing a variety of similar products.


With growing public interest in contact-free services, Lotte DFS continues to introduce RAINUS solutions that provide satisfaction to customers by digitizing existing work processes. Lotte Duty-Free is planning to prepare artificial intelligence (AI)-based automatic recognition technology and a location-based unmanned payment system by the end of this year. Lotte DFS plans to gradually expand the RAINUS solution not only in domestic stores, but also in overseas branches.

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