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Migross – C&C Store




Lombardy, Veneto, E.Romagna


The Migross Group has been operating in the Organized Distribution sector for 40 years. With their format ( Supermarket, Cash Carry), Migross is present with about 100 stores in Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna. It’s part of the VéGé Group since 1998


Migross has chosen RAINUS technology to proceed with the digitalization process of its stores. With the inauguration of the first cash carry store, the number of stores installed with the Rainus Solution technology has risen. The partnership will proceed with the rollout of Migross stores and also of 8 new Cash Carry points of sales.

Business, that of cash carry, specific stores for HORECA channel, which will continue with the acquisition by Migross of other stores in central Italy


The adapted centralized ESL server system from RAINUS that could manage all of the price labels in each store directly from the headquarters was considered as an effective solution. RAINUS InforTab Central Server was selected for its high stability and scalability. InforTab electronic shelf labels are used for Fruits & vegetables, Para pharmacy, Refrigerator, Freezer, Pet Store and Wine Store section. InforTab makes it possible to collectively manage and control prices digitally across products within the store and the Pick & Collect Solution speeds up the time spent on the picking and improves operational productivity by identifying products to pick up without confusion with the flashing LED light on the InforTab labels.


Alessandro Mion part of the owner family and Migross Logistics Manager and Cash Carry Project Manager, is also satisfied, if he is satisfied to be able to continue the collaboration of the Electronic Labels Project with RAINUS.

The ICT Manager of Migross Carlo Parmegiani was also present at the inauguration of the store, who said he was “very satisfied with the functioning of the RAINUS electronic shelf labels, which allow for faster activities in the store” Speaking also of the Click and Collect service, he stated that it is “nearing completion and should start at the end of February Thanks to the LED functionality in multiple colors of RAINUS labels, the Click Collect service will be much easier to manage for shop employees, who will halve the time for collecting in store groceries.

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