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Interview with RAINUS’ south Italian partner Nanni

Interview with RAINUS’ south Italian partner Nanni

On the left, Rainus EMEA President, Mr. Lee, with Visotto Core managment members - Mr. Roberto Visotto, Mr. Fabrizio VisottoandMr.GiulianoBaccichetto. Ontheright,Mr.LeewithMr.SergioVisotto,founderofVisottoCompany

From left to right: RAINUS EU President Mr. Lee, Franco Mura CEO of Nanni, and RAINUS CEO Mr. Kim.

Nanni, RAINUS partner in southern Italy, answered our questions at EuroCIS 2022.

Nanni is a System Integrator for in-store solutions operating in the South of Italy, especially in the region of Sardinia. Since their start in 2000, they have performed installations for many brands such as COOP, ISA and many more, and are constantly exploring new ideas.

Mr Mura, how many shops have been installed in Sardinia to date thanks to the integration between Nanni and RAINUS?

To date, around 500 stores have installed RAINUS Electronic Shelf Labels in their stores.

What are the advantages gained from installing RAINUS electronic shelf labels in the store?

There is certainly a huge time saver compared to applying paper labels. Furthermore, there is no misalignment between the price at checkout and the price on the shelves I would also like to add that RAINUS customer service assists us whenever we ask for assistance. It is always punctual and precise.

What are the partnership projects for the next two year period 2023 – 2024?

Over the next two years, we plan on increasing RAINUS product installations by 30% of what we have done until now, aiming for at least 650 store installations.

What are the main brands where RAINUS Electronic Shelf Labels have been installed in Sardinia?

Several brands have decided to install RAINUS ESLs. These include COOP, ISA, DIMEGLIO, ALICE SURGELATI as well as various pharmacies.

What do you think of the new RAINUS products shown during EuroCIS 2022?

RAINUS manufactures innovative products that look to the future, such as 4-Color tags or Inventory Management Sensors for better store environment and efficiency.

RAINUS and Nanni have been collaborating since 2000 to make sure all retailers have access to the best solutions for their businesses. And the future is looking bright for this partnership.

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