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Tags: , , , Published On: 2021-11-04Last Updated: 2022-07-22


Changwon Hanmaeum Hospital

Changwon Hanmaeum Hospital


Changwon Hanmaeum Hospital




Changwon, Korea


Changwon Hanmaeum Hospital has established itself as a leading hospital in the Gyeongnam region since its opening in 1994. The hospital has relocated the building in 2021 in order to improve the medical welfare for the citizen of the Gyeongnam region. It is now the largest hospital among those located below the Han River. Hanmaeum Hospital has made a new leap forward by recruiting outstanding medical teams as well as making a cutting-edge smart medical environment for the 4th industrial era.


Tracking and managing occupancy of hospital units in real-time have been challenging due to frequent changes in hospital beds assignment. With the traditional labels and patients’ name tags, nurses had to adjust the information and replace the labels one by one manually. Under such circumstances, it has been crucial for the hospital to display accurate patients’ information as display errors of such information could lead to a medical accident.


Changwon Hanmaeum Hospital, which aims to transform itself into a Smart Hospital, decided to install InforTab to reduce unnecessary man-hours and increase efficiency in ward operation. The hospital provides various information of patients including a responsible department, doctor, and blood type while utilizing QR codes to manage appointment and treatment histories in real-time. InforTab updates and displays the status of the rooms whenever there’s a reassignment of the beds.


The Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) attached to an entrance of the hospital rooms and on the bed have been used as a real-time information display system for the wards. While the nurses had to manage labels and tags for the beds, wards, and doctor’s offices, InforTab now integrates and streamlines the manual process, increasing efficiency. In addition, it has been contributed to the improved customer satisfaction as unnecessary man-hours spent on the laborious work is now saved.

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